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Interview with Mr. Kim

Could you please introduce yourself in three words? NOT-BORING-GUY

What was your motivation to join Qoniac? I’ve worked for semiconductor business, especially lithography area, for 6 years. The news from several technical papers and people in various sites were so attractive to me. ‘There is one great software, which is multi capable to use it for almost every use case we need.’ Because my responsibility of job was to analyze the data and to find a problem from unclear, insufficient and tremendous data, I’ve always thought how it looks like.

What is your responsibility in the company? My responsibility is ‘process engineer’. Based on my experience in previous carrier, I want to initiate the new function in OVALIS and to make customized, optimized functions from customer’s demands. And I’ll be involved in all development process and customer support.

What did you personally expect from your job? Challenging opportunity, creative work, real team and fun.

How is Qoniac supporting you to develop new skills? Everyone in Qoniac is supporting me that I can be one of Qoniac. I got great instruction program from my colleagues regarding our product and business as well as life in Qoniac. In fact, I am not familiar with software development process but my colleagues keep giving me chances to learn it.

What do you appreciate about Qoniac? Because I moved from South Korea, I had so many difficulties to relocate. Since Qoniac supported me to have soft-land here, however, I can move to here Dresden successfully. I really appreciate it.